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Cali the ZOMzom Eater
what has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap?
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16th-Aug-2007 07:23 pm - srsly, stfu

I know you’re never going to read this, but for fucks sake I hope you somehow stumble across this, and I hope, in your gut, you know I’m talking about you.




You are one of the most annoying people in the world. There are very few people I cannot stand in the world of role-playing. I’m actually more laid back than my character and a fucking load of dragon weed. I will let most anything slid, but bitch, you've hit a nerve.


You need t o chill the fuck down.


Very few people have made me this angry in the past few months I’ve been RPing with you. Your character always bothered me to a certain extent. He has an incredible holier than thou attitude about him, and it’s not attractive. So I never much liked RPing with you because my characters seemed to be constantly judged. “No, R doesn’t drink” “No R doesn’t do that.” “No R is better than that” Blahblahblah. A fourteen year old boy would not say no to free booze and or drugs. Maybe you didn’t know that, but it’s true.


Second of all, you’re bad at playing a boy. You are. Some people are just not good at that. You play a boy that is a 14 year old girl in drag. He fucking cried in fucking public for Christ sake. You show me one 14 year old boy that you know that would do that, regardless of what his best friend did, and I’ll apologize. You should just play girl characters.


Thirdly, the fact that all of your characters are the same is incredibly annoying. Not every single character of yours should be able to be described using the same words. Said words are: bubbly, holier than thou, squeaky clean, and Gryffindor. It’s a redundant archetype you’ve worked out for yourself there, not to mention one that is not fun to RP with. At all. Maybe it is for K because her characters are the exact same as yours but as for the rest of us, not so much.


Fourthly, you’re obsession with K is gross. You really are obsessed and I think you’ve become a little jealous of when other people RP with her. I’ve seen it happen before on Trinity Meadows. Your characters get along, so the minute they have more friends you feel the need to attack K and RP with her to no end. I find it funny how you made no mention of bringing R over to GH until L and Q were close. God forbid, on a different site, that K’s character has another platonic boyfriend that she is like brother and sister with. Petty, truly petty.


Next, I get you do not approve of me taking Rupert. I get it, okay. So shut the FUCK up about it. I know you’re trying to make me relinquish all rights on Rupert, but I’d rather stab out my own uterus than give it to you. I hope you realise that this is the main reason why I don’t want anything to do with you. Your extreme pettiness on the issue has started the whole thing. So I’d really fucking like it if you’d not use your immature passive aggressive tactics on me. Especially the fucking shit in the IC c-box. You have a problem with me, not my character. So keep it out of RPs. It only makes the Cally mad.


Sixth of all, I understand you don’t like my character. He does things that you, as a person, and your characters don’t approve of, but please, just stop attacking him. “R has morals” and he’s a fucking pussy. Q does have morals. Just because he decides to smoke a cigarette doesn’t mean he’s a bad character. That’s how he was raised. What don’t you understand about having hippie parents who took him to the Burning Man Project?! He isn’t going to be like your Saint R. So get over it.


You’re really obnoxious. Really.


Stop IMing me, I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t care if that makes me bitter. I’d rather not have to do with you, or the shit you give my character.


I don’t want to RP with you, ever. So don’t ask.


Honestly, if you keep the fucking shit up, I won’t be posting a LJ to soothe my anger.



1st-Aug-2007 05:18 pm - 1
This isn't my first post, but I don't care, it's easier than coming up with an actual title. I'm not good at title's. Seriously. Today in summer school the title was "This is my Title" yeah, original. Okay, so I'm warning you all now, that my journals will make minimal sense, and have bad grammar. I don't care what you say, I'm lazy. SO HA! That also means no pesky paragraphs unless I feel like it. Anyway, for those of you (my non exisistant audidence) I'm going to summer school of my own accord, not people it was mandated by the school. I'm smart and got a letter from Elvin in the mail saying how wicked cool it was that I was going to summer school because I wanted to. I know, very trendy of me. I almost thought we were going to get thrown out of the library though! We took a copy of the BEE and was marking it up with snarky remarks and corrections. I don't know who edits it, but they don't do it very well. Hmm, what else did I do today? Oh, I came home, engaged in some Shark Week! Okay, how can anyone not love shark week? It's God's greatest gift to earf (earth). Shark week makes me happy in my pants. I have no idea why I'm writing all of this. I should stop, but I'm not.

Okay, so I'm an avid Roleplayer, big deal, it's nerdy but I love it. Now I'm new to this board and I've been made prefect, but the other prefect has just up and disappeared. Don't get me wrong, there's not that much to do as a prefect. Simple answering questions and organizations, bulletins etc., but what I'm worried about is who are they going to put in his place? There are no other strong Hufflepuff leaders (or active members) that would really suffice at the job I think. I kind of hope Luke (lizzie) will take over the spot. She hasn't been on much as of late, but it would be so much better than Seth. God, he drives me nuts. Now, I'm one of the most mellow people you will ever meet but when he opens his mouth I just want to stab him! Which reminds me, Jax and I got in this 'duel' (well JTycho did, Eris sort of backed him up) with this effing tool. He blatantly was godmodding and when Tiff called him on it, he was like "I'm not godmodding". Mind you, he had only been on the board for...what three days?

1st-May-2007 06:15 pm - Bomb!
So, it been a while since I updated, but I fear my life is so terribly boring no one would care anyway. But i don't care I might as well, something exciting happened today, so it's worth documentation! First, however, I shall bore you with a prelude to excitement. Let's see, I've started a one-shot, I'm not sure how much I like it but it's coming along alright. For those interested it's about Draco and Ginny visiting Hogwarts after not being there for years. Blah, blah, blah, madness ensues. Also, I plan on posting up a Draco/Ginny essay I wrote soon, which should bore you all to no end. Blahhhhhhhhh. Um, I've also been addicted to marriage fics, I just love 'em! I read My Anything and got addicted. It was a great fic, you all should read it.

Do you want to hear the exciting news? Yes? Good.

Today started normal. I went to school, complained of being tired, and whined about having to take a test. I thought the highlight of my day was getting to watch Ghandi in Global! Oh how wrong I was. Perish the thought, young readers, PERISH IT! No, no, no! Three minutes to the end of the period and BAM! POW! WAM! the principal comes on the P.A. and says that we are in a shelter plan A! Of course, all of us are like "Blah, this is gay!" and "They is going to be a drug bust!" and "YES! I don't have to go to 6th period! In your face, Mrs. Taylor!" anyyyywhooo five minutes later Elvin (the principal) comes on and it like "There was a bomb threat, kiddos. We're evacuating!" And everyone was like "WHAT!"

Thee hours and 41 minutes later, we were back at school and pouting that we didn't get out of the rest of the day (because williamsville doesn't close for anyone, dammit!).

But all is good and well and no one is hurt. Ha, though Bito (my teacher), Emma, and me insisted on putting everyone in a good mood and singing "Do a deer." as we went back to the bus. We wanted to skip back to school, alas, Elvin didn't like that idea. We did get an empty bus to ourselves because we all (15 of us) crammed up onto one side of the bus to make it look like we had no room to spell.

That's my terribly exciting life.
2nd-Apr-2007 01:18 pm - The Twins would have been proud!
Anyway, I made my icon in light of yesterday's event. Last night, after the truth came out I realized that this all happened over <b>one</b> day! One day! Wow, and it was a long day at that! I forgot the exact purpose of the blog, but whatever. I'm still in shock! I just can't believe I doubted my first instincts! Bad Cally, bad bad, Cally!
1st-Apr-2007 10:25 pm - wow
It was all an evil, evil April's fool joke. Wow.
1st-Apr-2007 12:24 am - A terribly sad day.
Actually, it was a sad start to a day seeing as it was midnight, or just past at the time. I shall replay it for you, yes? My bladder was full so I ran to the bathroom, no longer able to hold it. When I came back I refreshed the forums on DracoandGinny.com, and my heart fell. 'Draco and Ginny is now closed.' At first I thought they were just doing regular updates, however, I thought the use of the word 'closed' was a bit...final. So after scurrying around LJ for a few minutes and I read the latest entire of Mynuet, my heart dropped. Draco and Ginny. com really is closed forever. I need to wallow.
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